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The Blessing of Abraham: Donald Lawerence

Overall Rating: 5/5

"No doubt about it, the best tutorials PERIOD" - Aaron


I Sing Praises To Your Name: Reggie Royal

Overall Rating: 5/5

"OMG! I have been looking for this version by Reggie Royal for MONTHS!!! God Bless you! LOVE this!" - Sound Word Worship Center


Trouble Don't Last Always:
Rev. Timothy Wright

Overall Rating: 5/5

"Great job keep it up, you are the best, may God bless you" - James Antoine


This is The Day: Fred Hammond

Overall Rating: 5/5

Wow I had no idea that the chords were like this. Boy do I have a lot to learn. This is fantastic. I tend to play the actual chords the choir sings rather than filling in and accenting with accompaniment. I love this! Thanks!" - Jeanene 


Maverick City Music

Overall Rating: 5/5

"Great job my brother. Greetings from Colombia. God bless you" - Orlando


Deliver Me:
Le'Andria Johnson

Overall Rating: 5/5

"Yesss I love this song. I just subscribed" - Joanna M.

"You're a god. Instant subscription" - Ellange Plano

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3. Step-by-step Breakdown - In this section we teach the chords and movements for all parts of the song

4. Click Track - This is a click track you can use for practice & performance

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140+ Premium Video Lessons, 30+ Click tracks, and 30+ downloadable Midi Files & counting!

Introducing Holy Lessons+

Holy Lessons+ is a leading training resource for growing Gospel Keyboardists. 

"Simply the best tutorials you'll find, period."

Take advantage of over 120, step-by-step, premium video lessons that cover all aspects of Gospel music including the fundamentals of Gospel piano, hymns, devotionals, shouts, and today's contemporary songs. 

PLUS, the new lessons that are added weekly AND the growing community support you need to stay engaged! 

let Us Help You

Grow in your love and passion for playing Gospel music on piano and, finally reach your goal of becoming a capable musician for your church or ministry group

Finally learn to play in all 12 keys so you can have the confidence to play along side more skilled musicians and move on to playing non-digital instruments like the Hammond B3

Add fullness to your sound by teaching you how to play the left-hand, passing, and intermediate to advanced chords just like the ones you hear played on the album 

Worry less about not having time to learn songs assigned to you by learning the song from beginning to end and providing you with a complete cover and break-down to follow

Build your knowledge and understanding of how Gospel songs are structured so that you can quickly recognize common chord progressions and patterns in new songs

Stay motivated on your journey to reaching new levels by regularly providing you with fresh content, tips, and encouragement to keep you focused and pushing forward

Why Holy Lessons+


Never be confused about the chords and movements you're learning or how they fit into the song again! Why? Because unlike others, we 'Play Along' to the actual soundtrack at the beginning of each tutorial so that you can see how the song is played in context.

Downloadable Midi Files

In 2020, we began the practice of creating a midi file for each "Play Along" we produced. What does this mean for you? If you are a member of Holy Lessons+ you can download a midi file, upload the file in your favorite midi player and then change the keys the song is played in or,  slow the tempo for advanced learning!


In each and every one of our tutorials we take a step-by-step approach to teaching you how to play a song or movement. We take you by the hand and guide you through each section of a song, from introduction to the ending progressions 

Downloadable Click Tracks

There's no better way to practice and nail the execution of a song, than playing along with a metronome or click track. Inside Holy Lessons+ you can download over 40+ click tracks to practice along with! 

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How it Works

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Our "3 Step" approach is the most comprehensive teaching method you'll find!

We believe in the power of showing and not just telling. That's why we take the extra step to provide our members with a complete cover or, as we like to call it, a "Play Along" to the soundtrack at the beginning of each tutorial.  

Watch the runs, chords, and movements in the context of the actual song to give you the edge you need!  

"The thing that makes Aaron Russell unique is... you just sense an anointing on the song."

Rhonda Mcclenton  

Gospel Keyboardist & Church Elder 

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

When you join our membership you are protected by our 100% satisfaction Guarantee. Within the next 30 days, if you feel that you have not received the value you expected and decide to cancel, we will gladly refund your payment. No questions asked and no hassles or hoops to jump through.