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Watch. Learn. Play.

You're just seconds away from the easy, step-by-step teaching and support
you need to learn all your favorite Gospel Songs on Piano.

What if we could help YOU...

  • Learn songs for Sunday morning faster?
  • Find time in your busy schedule to learn new songs thoroughly and, be better prepared for your weekly rehearsal?
  • Accomplish your dream of becoming a keyboardist for your church?
  • Impress your friends and family with your new ability to play the piano?
  • Learn exactly how to play today's contemporary Gospel songs?
  • Find a quality resource that will consistently provide the lessons and support you need week-in and week-out

If that interest you, keep reading... 

Is it just us OR, have YOU noticed that...

  • It's nearly impossible to find an experienced Gospel keyboardist who will set aside time to teach you what they know
  • The majority of tutorials out there only cover the super easy Christian Contemporary type of songs... and not the "must know" congregational or devotional type of songs you struggle to play
  • You waste too much time on YouTube with lessons that are not easy to follow and confusing   
  • In most tutorials the keyboardist doesn't even play through the song once before showing you how to play the song
  • Most lessons out there are either too advanced or too basic, but never in the middle 
  • The keyboardist plays the song nothing like the way it's played on the album in many of the tutorials you find

Like you, we were excited about learning but, couldn't find exactly what we needed.

That's what inspired us to build this place. 

​​​​Introducing the Holy Lessons Membership

Our Membership is a leading training resource for growing Gospel Keyboardists. 

Our focus is quality over quantity!

Take advantage of over 100, step-by-step, premium video lessons that cover all aspects of Gospel music including the fundamentals of Gospel piano, hymns, devotionals, shouts, and today's contemporary songs. 

PLUS a new lesson added every Saturday AND the growing community support you need to stay engaged! 

The Membership Will Help You:

Grow in your love and passion for playing Gospel music on piano and, finally reach your goal of becoming a capable musician for your church or ministry group

Finally learn to play in all 12 keys so you can have the confidence to play along side more skilled musicians and move on to playing non-digital instruments like the Hammond B3

Add fullness to your sound by teaching you how to play the left-hand, passing, and intermediate to advanced chords just like the ones you hear played on the album 

Worry less about not having time to learn songs assigned to you by learning the song from beginning to end and providing you with a complete cover and break-down to follow

Build your knowledge and understanding of how Gospel songs are structured so that you can quickly recognize common chord progressions and patterns in new songs

Stay motivated on your journey to reaching new levels by regularly providing you with fresh content, tips, and encouragement to keep you focused and pushing forward

What makes our Membership different?


Never be confused about the chords and movements you're learning or how they fit into the song again! Why? Because unlike others, in each and every tutorial, we 'Play Along' to the actual soundtrack at the beginning of the lesson


We recently added a complete members only community board inside our membership platform to allow members to make song suggestions, vote for future lessons, and most importantly interact with fellow musicians who are on a similar journey  

The 12 Keys Challenge

Do you struggle to play all 12 keys? We noticed no one had tackled the problem thoroughly, so we decided to address it. The 12 Keys Challenge is the course we created to train keyboardists in every individual key. It's a course in progress! 


12,230 Subscribers

How it Works

Watch. Learn. Play

Our "3 Step" approach is the most comprehensive teaching method you'll find!

We believe in the power of showing and not just telling. That's why we take the extra step to provide our members with a complete cover or, as we like to call it, a "Play Along" to the soundtrack at the beginning of each tutorial.  

Watch the runs, chords, and movements in the context of the actual song to give you the edge you need!    

Your membership includes:

"The thing that makes Aaron Russell unique is... you just sense an anointing on the song."

Rhonda Mcclenton  

Gospel Keyboardist & Church Elder 

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