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About Aaron Russell

Would you like to find a piano lessons website that teaches the songs you hear every Sunday Morning service?

Are you a beginner to intermediate Gospel Keyboardist that’s weary from searching YouTube for consistent and quality Gospel Piano lessons?

That’s where I was in 2015… and that’s one of the major reasons I created Holy Lessons.

I was born and raised in a Pentecostal Apostolic Church, and often, I found that the songs I needed to learn were not being taught… at least on YouTube.

And, if they were being taught, the teacher moved way TOO quickly. Or, the quality of the recording wasn’t all that great.

For the reasons just mentioned, and a few more, I decided to create a YouTube channel with the purpose of uploading high quality Gospel Keyboard tutorials for beginner to intermediate Christian musicians of all ages who play, or desire to play, piano, keyboard, or Hammond organ.

In January 2016, I launched my first seven video lessons on my newly created YouTube channel. At that time, Holy Lessons had a total of two followers on, myself and my wife.

However, in just over 3 years’ time, as of March 2019, Holy Lessons is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels of its kind with nearly 11,000 followers and over 80 video lessons.

My goal is to provide the highest quality of lessons, covering subjects that includes current contemporary Gospel & Christian hits, and to a greater degree, Gospel & Christian hymns, congregational songs, and the songs of the church that most musicians grow up hearing, singing, and playing.

A little more about Aaron...

Aaron has had the opportunity to serve as the lead musician at two separate churches in Indianapolis, IN.

He currently serves as a minister, keyboardist, and organist at his home church, also in Indianapolis, IN.  

When Aaron is not playing in church, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Chandice, amazing son, Aaron Alexander, and loving family.

In addition to that, much of his free time is spent developing and creating innovative and inspiring piano lessons for the many students of Holy Lessons. 

 Aaron credits the success of the company firstly to God for his grace and favor, and secondly to all the faithful support from the many students and followers of Holy Lessons.

Don't just learn individual songs.

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