Simple, Step-By-Step Piano Tutorials - For Your Favorite Gospel Songs
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A Full Access Membership!

Why should I get A Full Access Membership?

A Full Access Membership with Holy Lessons is the most cost-effective way for you to grow as a Gospel Musician. When you become a member of the Holy Lessons family of students, you get instant unlimited access to the complete library of full length video tutorials.

What Can I Expect To Learn? 

Here at Holy Lessons our number one goal is to help you reach the NEXT LEVEL as a Gospel Musician. That means we want to prepare and train you to be able to lead a worship service like a pro from start to finish!

Whether you are BEGINNER struggling with the basics like finding which chords fit in certain songs, the number system, all the congregational songs, or playing chords with your left hand, or an INTERMEDIATE musician that wants to play more advanced chords and at the same time play in all 12 KEYS, or even an ADVANCED player who's looking for contemporary licks and riffs, we're going to provide you with tutorials and more that address those concerns directly! You're FINALLY going to build the skills and confidence to be an effective lead musician in your church!  

Our video tutorials are awesome because you will learn step-by-step how to play today's most popular Gospel songs, traditional congregational songs and hymns, and the techniques behind it all. 

 When Are New Lessons Released?

New lessons are added to our video library every single week! You can find the latest tutorial(s) released on our Homepage. As a member, you will have instant access to every new tutorial as soon as it's released! 

I'm Ready To Sign Up! What's the Cost? 

Membership access to our complete library of full length video tutorials is only $12.99 a month! 

Traditional piano lessons can cost between $30 - $45 a half hour!

When you become a member of the Holy Lessons family of students, you get instant unlimited access to hours of step-by-step instruction for about the same cost of 1 traditional piano lesson. Wow! 

Let's Do it!

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