Simple, Step-By-Step Piano Tutorials - For Your Favorite Gospel Songs
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New! There's A Storm Out On The Ocean (Congregational)

Hey Gospel musicians, gospel piano and keyboard players! Here at Holy Lessons will specialize in helping you become the complete Gospel "Church" Musician. In keeping with that mission, we have created this tutorial to help you better understand, and learn how to play congregational songs on piano. The chord progressions, movements, and techniques that are used in your traditional "congregational songs", are the foundation of every single hand clapping, foot stomping song. In this tutorial you're going to learn some of the techniques used to play congregational songs the way they should be played on piano.

In this gospel piano tutorial, we break down all the chord progressions necessary to play the entire song on the piano. This easy piano tutorial is going to teach you step by step how to start playing congregational songs on piano. Look out for more coming soon!