Gospel & Christian Music on Piano!
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FINALLY, The Step-By-Step System To Master Playing In All 12 Keys, On Piano, By Ear, For Gospel Keyboardist


What Beta Students Are Saying About The Course So Far:

Great Program, I have tried just about all the programs... Hear and Play is much to complex and fast. The secret to your program is the ability to apply what you have learned to an actual song and not just mindless repetition of scales or patterns. Looking forward to more songs to practice. Well worth the money!


- Joseph G.


Dear Aaron,

I just want you to know that thus far, your videos are awesome. In fact, they are some of the best that I have seen on the internet or in instructional music videos, and I have a vast library. God has truly gifted you. If you were located in Philadelphia, I would definitely come to you for classes!


- Rhonda M.