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The PROVEN Step-By-Step System To QUICKLY Master Gospel Music IN ALL 12 KEYS...

Hey there, I'm Aaron, the creator of the 12 Keys Challenge.

I want to share with you the "BREAKTHROUGH" system I created to tackle perhaps the greatest challenge Gospel Keyboardists face...

And, since you stopped by...

Can you answer these few important questions below?

  • Do you avoid 'like a disease' playing in any of the WHITE keys on the piano? ... I'm talking C, D, E, F, G, A, and B?
  • When your music group, praise team, or choir arrives at an outside engagement, is finding out what type of keyboard you'll be playing the first thing you do? ... so that you can locate the transpose button as quickly as possible?
  • Have you given up on trying to learn to play in all12 Keys because your Google and YouTube searches turn up little to nothing? AND... other Gospel Piano sites only offer a few quick tips and pointers?

If YOU answered yes to even one of those experiences, then you should no doubt read through to the end of this page...

Because ALL three scenarios are my own personal experiences! 

And after being feed up with getting embarrassed AND finding no solutions...

I decided to do something about it... and that's when I struck GOLD.

In a few moments I'm going to reveal the secrets I discovered.

But FIRST...

I have to say there is so much CONFUSION in the Gospel Piano community about how to learn to play in all 12 Keys.

Because it's such a common struggle for so many Gospel Keyboardists, you would think that someone would have aggressively tackled the issue by now... 

But after years and years... and years of trying all type of methods ... I understand why no one hasn't.

The truth is...

Learning to play in all 12 Keys requires hard work

Can you handle that truth?

I'm going to be honest with you...

There is no shortcut to reaching this goal!  

Listen. . . You're not the only Gospel Keyboardist who relies on the transpose button the way a person with an injured leg relies on crutches to walk!

I've seen musicians nearly twice my age almost panic when a praise & worship leader attempted to change keys...

You don't want to be like those guys.

So what must you do to be saved?

You need a proven system you can follow that teaches... 

Step-By-Step, How To MASTER Each Key Individually!

Here's the thing... the reason a lot Gospel Keyboardists struggle to play in more than 4 or 5 keys... because of ONE OF THESE TWO REASONS

Athey have not been exposed to, or been required to play in all 12 keys


B. they have not been trained in the keys they are weak! 

Most of the guys and gals, that can play fluently in all 12 keys will tell you... they were forced to play in all 12 keys.

What do they mean "FORCED"?

Years ago in our churches, before praise & worship groups began to dominate the Sunday Morning worship program the way they do now, we use to have good ole' testimony service.

In testimony service anyone in the congregation could stand up, and when called upon, start singing their favorite song... in whatever random key their voice drifted towards.

If you were a keyboardist at that time, and you were on organ or an acoustic piano, you HAD to learn how to accompany the singer... no matter what key they began singing in.

Imagine that!

After a year of being put in that situation, Sunday after Sunday, most musicians would have all 12 keys mastered!

Unfortunately, most Gospel Keyboardists today aren't being challenged in that way anymore... 

And to the the second point, the reason a trained, classical pianist CAN play in all 12 keys is because he or she has taken lessons that focus on each of the 12 keys, on the piano, individually...

And That's Exactly Why I Created The 12 Keys Challenge Course

It's the only program with the sole purpose of training Gospel Keyboardists to master all 12 keys on the piano. 

You can't afford to mess around and waste another year hoping that you'll find the secret to learning to play in all 12 keys in a 10 minute video, where some advanced musician makes it seem like it doesn't require much work.

Let me tell you...

It DOES require WORK.

But, we use tools to make difficult task easier...

That's why construction workers use wrecking balls to knock down old buildings and not their fist...

The 12 Keys Challenge is the only TOOL to make the difficult task of learning to play in all 12 keys easier.

You need a system that will teach and include...

  • An individual chapter and set of lessons for each individual key... that starts with the basics and progresses in difficulty as the lessons move along
  • A completely new song in every key so you can practice and apply what you learn in the context of a song.
  • Why the Number System is the best approach to mastering all 12 keys and how to correctly apply it for unbelievable results, in every key
  • How to discover the interconnectedness of all12 keys... which is really the secret to getting that fastest results
  • How to play the most common chord progressions in Gospel Contemporary music in, every key
  • The fundamentals, basics, and foundation of Gospel Contemporary Music

My most EMBARRASSING moment as a musician... 

I remember this story like it was yesterday...

It's New Year's Eve Service, and myself and our Praise Team has been invited to another church to sing and minister...

As I entered the sanctuary, I quickly looked toward the pulpit to find out what kind of keyboard the church had.

...because I knew the song we were singing was in the key of A... and that meant I needed to be able to find the transpose button fast because I couldn't play comfortably in that key. 

The keyboard looked like a newer type of keyboard so I figured finding the transpose button would be fairly easy.

Plus the home keyboardist didn't sound all that great, so I figured he must use the transpose button as much as I did...

So if I couldn't find it, I'd just ask him...

So no worries...

Well, once our Praise Team was finally called upon to sing, I sat down in front of the keyboard... and immediately began to try and locate the edit button so I could transpose the keyboard into the key of A.

To my shock and frustration, I could not figure out how to transpose the keyboard!

... I quietly began to panic... so I leaned over to ask the home keyboardist if he knew how to transpose the keyboard.

SURPRISE, he didn't know how to transpose the keyboard either!

Now time is running out and our lead singer is trying to stall as much as he can. At this moment I don't know what to do, and my anxiety is through the roof!

THEN, a few short moments later our lead singer turns to us musicians and says "what's going on?.... Let's go... I'm not supposed to do this much talking".

So what did I do? The only thing I could do. Play the song in C#, 4 keys higher than the original key.

I had been embarrassed before, but not like this.

What's the point of this story?

I want to help you avoid that level of embarrassment!

I want you to feel confident when you go out to engagements.

I don't want you fearful while playing in front of skilled musicians because you're secretly trying to transpose to the the next key without anyone noticing...

I want to show you what I believe is the secret to playing in all 12 keys. 

It's not as hard as you think. It's really about the way you view things...

When you decide to sign up for the challenge....

Here's Exactly What You Get...

  • Training #1 Introduction to The Number System ($197 Value) - Learn the Number System and, how to use it for mastering all 12 keys. You'll also learn how the number system applies to Gospel music and the most commonly used scales in Gospel Contemporary Worship Music
  • Training #2 Chords 101 ($197 Value) - Learn how to identify and play the Major, Minor, Major 7, Minor 7, Sus2, Sus4 and Diminished Chord in every key. We'll also discuss chord inversions and give you tips for how to develop left hand chording. 
  • Training #3 The Power 10 Chord Progressions & "The Key-Connect" System ($197 Value) - Learn the formula for 10 of the most important chord progressions in Gospel Contemporary Worship Music! You're going to learn all 10 progressions in every key.
  • Training #4 The Key of C ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of C. Practice Song: "As The Deer"
  • Training #5 The Key of C# ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of C#. Practice Song: "Anointing Fall On Me"
  • Training #6 The Key of D ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of D. Practice Song: "Draw Me Nearer"
  • Training #7 The Key of Eb ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of Eb. Practice Song: "There Is None Like You"
  • Training #8 The Key of E ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of E. Practice Song: "We Worship Christ Our Lord"
  • Training #9 The Key of F ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of F. Practice Song: "Thank You Lord"
  • Training #10 The Key of F# ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of F#. Practice Song: "I Love You Lord Today"
  • Training #11 The Key of G ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of G. Practice Song: "Holy, Holy, Holy"
  • Training #12 The Key of Ab ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of Ab. Practice Song: "I Surrender All"
  • Training #13 The Key of A ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of A. Practice Song: "Welcome Into This Place"
  • Training #14 The Key of Bb ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of Bb. Practice Song: "You Deserve The Glory"
  • Training #15 The Key of B ($197 Value) - Learn The Major & Minor Scale, the essential chords, The Power 10 Chord Progression in the key of B. Practice Song: "He's Able"

AND if you're one of the first 50  25 to enroll today, you'll receive...

SUPER BONUS! -- 3 Months FREE Access to The Holy Lessons+ Private Membership: "The ultimate community for beginner to intermediate Gospel Keyboardist! ($300 Value - $100 x 3) Master Contemporary Gospel Songs & Hymns - Over 160 "PREMIUM" lessons and counting! -3 Months FREE

...and much much more inside the Holy Lessons Private Membership! 

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group - where you can engage with myself and other Gospel Keyboardist who are on a similar path.
  • Access to "The Hymn of The Month" 
  • Chart-Topping Emergency Song Releases - If a NEWLY Released Gospel Song becomes an instant hit, for example, like "You Deserve It", "Worth", or "Made A Way"...  I drop everything and create a tutorial so our members don't have to go searching on YouTube for chords or a lesson. 

Considering the fact that you get training in each key individually AND you learn a completely different song in every key...

This course could cost well over $5,000... EASILY!

But at that price-point this course would be out of reach to so many keyboardist who need it.


I want this course to be a blessing and a tool Gospel Keyboardist everywhere can rely upon to FINALLY overcome OUR greatest challenge.

I want you to experience the AMAZINGLY SATISFYING feeling of being able to flow in an out keys, including the white keys!

Which is exactly why I'm not going to charge $5,000 to sign up.

Instead, you can sign up today for only $2,997 OR 4 PAYMENTS OF $850.

Want results? Check out what a few students had to say. 

I have tried just about all the programs... Hear and Play is much too complex and fast. The secret to your program is the ability to apply what you have learned to an actual song and not just mindless repetition of scales or patterns. Looking forward to more songs to practice. Well worth the money!


-Joseph G.

Gospel Keyboardist

I am an aspiring worship keyboard player. I have studied under some awesome gospel musicians, and I have invested thousands of dollars in high-quality streaming lessons. However, I have never run across a program as systematic and practical as Aaron Russell’s Twelve Keys Challenge.The videos are extremely well-done, and the pace is just right. He not only reviews scales, but he also clearly explains the number system and then he allows you to apply the skills obtained by teaching you a song and chord progressions in that in that key. A full hour of his time could easily cost $60.00 or $70.00.However he practically gives the program away. If you desire to play skillfully, this series is a must-have. Do yourself a favor and invest in this anointed tool. You will be glad you did! 


- Elder Rhonda M.

Gospel Keyboardist

Very Important!

This is a live course!

What does live course mean?

It means that NEW lessons are added over time.

As of today, the course sections that are currently published and available to students are:

  • Introduction To The Number System
  • Chords 101
  • The Power 10 Chord Progressions
  • The Key of C
  • The Key of C#

How it works...

This is a live course and sections are added each month until completion. 

Each month a new set of lessons, based on one of the 12 Keys, will be added to the course Video Library.   

Enrollment Is Limited

Because this is a live course, membership is limited at this time. 

That's why I only open enrollment periodically throughout the year for now...

And each time I open enrollment, there are a limited number of spaces available to fill... 

So if you're interested in the course, it's best to sign up whenever you see the checkout page...

If you click the Get Started Today button and only see a sign-up sheet for a waiting list...

That means the doors for enrollment are currently closed.

Fill out your information because that's how you get on the top of the list when enrollment opens back up.

Here's What You Need To Do Immediately To Get Your Risk-Free Access To The 12 Keys Challenge

Click the 'Get Started Today!' button below now and if you see the order form, that means that today's your chance to get in!

Complete the order form immediately and you will gain instant access to the course lessons!

But spaces are limited and may fill up at any minute... So, complete your order NOW!

If you hesitate and find yourself on the outside looking in, I'm not able to create another spot for you...  

After you complete your checkout, you'll be sent an email with all your login information and access info.

Once inside the membership, navigate to the "12 Keys Challenge" tab to get started with The Gospel School of Music. 

And then you're all set!

You now have the tool to begin to master all 12 keys!

I'll see you in the course!

Aaron Russell


When you enroll in the 12 Keys Challenge Course, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a fast refund. No hassles, tricks, or hoops to jump through.

No More Transpose Button! 

Get Instant Access to All the Course Lessons! 

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