Simple, Step-By-Step Piano Tutorials - For Your Favorite Gospel Songs
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Aaron Russell - Founder / Lead Instructor 

Chandice Tyson-Russell - Director of Administration

Aaron has had the opportunity to serve as the lead musician at two different churches, with one being the church where he grew up. He currently serves as the lead musician at a wonderful church in Indianapolis, Indiana where he devotedly ministers through the gift of music every Sunday morning. When Aaron is not playing in church, he enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and friends. In addition to that, much of his free time is spent developing and creating innovative and inspiring piano lessons for the many students of Holy Lessons. Remarkably, God has allowed Aaron and Chandice to balance their time while  working full-time, and caring for their new baby boy. Despite their busy lives, they continue to dedicate countless hours to improving, evolving, and inspiring all those who come in contact with Holy Lessons. Since the start of Holy Lessons in January 2016, they have experienced incredible growth and support in the building and development of their company. They both credit the success of the company firstly to God for his grace and favor, and secondly to all the faithful support from the many students and followers of Holy Lessons.