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Frequently Asked Questions

Here below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions by our students. If you do not find an answer for your question, feel free to contact us anytime. 

What is Holy Lessons?

Holy Lessons exists to provide students of Gospel and Christian Music with comprehensive resources that help them become lead musicians in their church or organization. The end result for the student is the ability to effectively lead a worship service or event from start to finish. Our primary purpose is to to create "video piano tutorials/lessons". Initially, our tutorials were only available on our YouTube channel. However, our tutorials can now be streamed both on our YouTube channel as well as our website. Our YouTube channel currently showcases a preview of each tutorial/lesson, and then directs students to our website to obtain the full version. Students can get access to our tutorials by paying a fee per video, or by purchasing a monthly membership for $47. 

Are there any previews of the video lessons?

Yes! Go to our "Video Lessons" page and click on any individual song. Once you're on the page of an individual song, click the image to play a preview of the song you're interested in learning. You can also visit our YouTube Channel for a preview of all video lessons. 

Do I get unlimited access if I sign up to become a member?

Yes! When you become a member of the Holy Lessons family of students, you get instant unlimited access to the complete library of full length video tutorials. As long as you're an active member you can learn as much as you want whenever you want!

When are new lessons added? 

New lessons are added to our video library every single week! You can find the latest tutorial(s) released on our Homepage. Member students get instant access to every new tutorial as soon as it's released.

How do I cancel my membership?

If at anytime you should want to cancel your membership, simply log into your account and click on "manage my membership" and then click "cancel".