Simple, Step-By-Step Piano Tutorials - For Your Favorite Gospel Songs
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Why should I join the Full Access Membership?

If you're like most folks, everyday you've got a busy schedule that's filled with work, school, shopping, family, programs, church events, cooking, cleaning, etc.

I get it!

You would love the opportunity to take piano lessons and learn your favorite Gospel songs but, it's difficult to imagine how you'd fit them in with an already full schedule. 

In a perfect world, you could take care of all your responsibilities and have the time to schedule those one-on-one piano lessons.

Well, for just a little over $2 a day, your perfect world can become a reality. 

When you join the membership of students at Holy Lessons, you'll get unlimited access to over 80 Pre-Recorded Video Song Tutorials!

And, we're adding new lessons to the video library every month. 

You can view the lessons anytime, day or night! 

Testimonials: What members and students are saying?

Fantastic tutorial. This has been the best subscription ever. I really enjoy your Congregational's. I'm a bass player and this has helped with my bass lines. My brother is learning the piano. He has benefited from your piano tutorials...well worth the membership priceHighly recommended. You are very thorough. I appreciate your work. Thanks my brother. Whenever you get a change please do a tutorial on " I came to tell you what Jesus said".- Trinity Inspirational Choir. Be blessed.


Thank you so much for your helpful tutorial videos, they have been a blessing to me and my worship team.


Hello there again! I wrote before... I really like your clear, clean format and how you show the song in true context by adding the video clips.


Great! What's included in my membership? 

Here at Holy Lessons, the number one goal is to help members save time. Don't worry about spending hours and hours trying to pick out chords and bass-lines from your favorite songs. I'll do that hard work for you! 

You'll have instant, unlimited access to over 80, and counting, video lessons. 

These 80 plus lessons cover a wide range of Gospel Music and includes: popular contemporary, hymns, choir songs, and congregational songs.

To see the exact video lesson titles that will be included in your membership, just click on the "VIDEO LESSONS" tab in the navigation menu. All of the tutorials you see listed will be included in your membership.   

What's the video lesson format?

1. Each lesson opens with myself or a guest teaching playing along with the original song soundtrack (if soundtrack is available). 

2. Next, you'll learn each section of the song step-by-step, and we'll review what is covered as the lesson progresses.

3. Finally, after you've learned all the individual parts of the song, we'll do a final review and cover any pertinent special chords or instructions. 

When Are New Lessons Released?

New lessons are added to our video library every other week. You'll get a least 2, new QUALITY tutorials every month!

You can find the latest tutorial(s) released on our Homepage. As a member, you will have instant access to every new tutorial as soon as it's released! 

What's the Cost?

Membership access to our complete library of full length video tutorials is only $67 a month! That's only a little over $2 a day!... What you'd pay for a bottle of water and a candy bar! 

Traditional piano lessons can cost between $30 - $45 for only a half hour!

After you become a member of the Holy Lessons family of students, you get instant unlimited access to hours of step-by-step instruction for about the same cost of about 2 traditional piano lessons. Wow! 

I'm ready! How do I Join?


FIRST: Click on the blue "STANDARD MEMBERSHIP" label below to be taken to the Standard Membership Product page. 

Once you get to the Standard Membership Product page click the blue "Join Now" button. 

THEN: Select the option to "Create New Account and Continue" - You're creating this account so that you can access the video lessons library.

NEXT: Enter your information, and the coupon code "BLACK" at the bottom of that page to get your discount.

FINALLY: Click continue to enter your debit/credit information to complete your transaction.