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Five (5) Proven Steps To Play Gospel Music on Piano

Holy Lessons

Five (5) Proven Steps To Play Gospel Music on Piano

Writer: Erasmus Mutanbira
Publisher: Capitol Christian Music Group
Record Label: Integrity Music 

Step 1: Find What Key the Song is Played In
Step 2: Listen Intently to the Soundtrack
Step 3: Learn the Bass Line
Step 4: Learn the Melody
Step 5: Build Your Chords

Hey gospel musicians! Learn today what we believe are the 5 critical steps you must take when trying to learn how to play gospel music on piano. Once you learn and begin to use the 5 steps, learning your next song will be much easier and a lot less stressful! You're going to learn gospel basics that are used when learning to play piano by ear! I pray that you guys enjoy this and that it is a blessing to your ministry!

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