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Ready for the "Secret Weapon" to quickly improve your skills and sound?

 Learn to EASILY Master Contemporary Gospel Songs & Hymns On Piano... In Less Than 3 Months!


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  • New tutorial every Saturday at 10 AM EST.  
  • Hymn of the Month
  • 12 Keys Challenge Course Exclusive Access
  • Private Musician Community Forum 
  • 1 Free 45 minute One-On-One lesson

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee


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  • New tutorial every Saturday at 10 AM EST.
  • Hymn of the Month
  • 12 Keys Challenge Course Exclusive Access
  •  Private Musician Community Forum
  • 1 Free 45 minute One-On-One lesson

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee


In less than 3 months YOU can learn the secrets behind how to play today's most popular Gospel & Christian Songs and Hymns like...

"Your Spirit", "Made A Way", "You Deserve It", "Better", "Put A Praise On It", "For Your Glory", "More Than Anything", "Amazing Grace", "Great Is Thy Faithfulness", "To God Be the Glory", "What A Friend We Have In Jesus"... and many more. 

Plus, YOU can FINALLY learn the proven method for learning to PLAY IN ALL 12 KEYS

Hey Gospel Keyboardist,

I'm Aaron Russell and I'd like to ask you a quick question?

Over the past few months have you wasted your valuable time and energy overwhelmed with the massive amount of video lessons on YouTube and other Gospel Piano Sites? 

​Do you desire to do any of the things below?

  • Play most of the Contemporary Gospel songs I hear on the radio without spending hours searching through YouTube and Google for chords or a tutorial.
  • Play the piano, or keyboard for my home church, praise team, choir, or music group.
  • Play fluently in ALL 12 KEYS so I can move on to playing the organ and put a stop to being embarrassed because I'm using the transpose button for NEARLY EVERY SONG.
  • Learn to play full sounding chords like I hear on the recording and other musicians playing.
  • Get out of the rut I've been in and start to exercise the gift God has given me.

If you checked off more than one of these desires, then it's worth your time to read through to the end of this page.

FIRST, I'll let you in on a little known secret...

In today's world...

The #1 challenge facing people who want to become successful is OVERWHELM.

OVERWHELM is also the #1 challenge facing most beginner to intermediate Gospel Keyboardist!

That's because there are more distractions, low quality, outdated, hard to follow, WAY TOO advanced video piano lessons and courses than ever before!

The truth is...

If you don't have a STRUCTURED, proven lesson plan to follow and a teacher to help direct your steps past the constant challenges and obstacles on your path to success it can leave you feeling lost and defeated.

Always wondering what song or what theory lesson you should start next...

Struggling to find consistent & quality teaching in the areas you need help the most...

Always searching for tutorials that teach the fundamentals...

Causing you to waste weeks, months, or years stoping and starting...

And after all that, you realize you haven't gotten any better.

No REAL progress is made in your development, skills, or understanding of Gospel Music...

All you've done is memorize what others have showed you...

Still Unable to play Hymns correctly, unable to identify the chords and chord progressions in Contemporary Gospel songs, and unable to play in any key outside of A Flat OR C Sharp...

And you end up feeling as though you're not gifted enough...

Listen. . . You are not alone!

Most beginner to intermediate Gospel Keyboardist today don't know where to begin to REACH THE NEXT LEVEL...

Because they are all missing a structured, proven and reliable system that teaches... 

How To Play Hymns, Devotionals & Congregational Songs Correctly!

Because of technology, NEVER in history has it been easier to learn Gospel Music on piano. 

BUT, because anyone can upload a video lesson to YouTube and other sites, there is a good amount of low quality videos lessons out there that are just NOT helpful...

A NEW video piano lesson is uploaded to the internet nearly EVERYDAY!

Therefore it's easy to waste hours or even days trying to find a lesson that teaches what you need to learn... 

And often times when you FINALLY find a quality teacher, it turns out he or she has only posted a few lessons, hasn't posted anything new in years, or is impossible to get in contact with.

In addition, there's a large amount of "Ultra Advanced" guys out there who only teach the things that are way too advanced for your skill level. 

If you want to develop your skills in the shortest amount of time... To improve your overall ability and especially your sound...

You can't afford to mess around, hoping that someone just so happens to upload what you need to YouTube... 

You can't wast your time or money on other Gospel Piano Sites that promote their hundreds of video lessons, their boatload of pdfs and downloads, their thousands of hours of instruction... with no plan or guidance for how to proceed.

Time to stop dabbling in this program and that. 

Today, it's more important than ever to build your understanding of Gospel Music on a rock-solid foundation of...

MASTERING The Number System, Common Patterns, & Properly Identifying Chords Within Songs!

It's time to face the truth...

If you knew how to break through the wall that's been standing in your way to effortlessly playing Hymns, Congregational songs, & easily learning today's contemporary Gospel Songs...

You would have done it by now!

Yet, you continue with...

  • Hoping that the YouTube channel you just found will hold "The Secret" to you learning everything you need to know about playing Gospel Music...
  • Hoping that someone will upload a lesson to YouTube, for free, so you don't have to make any real investment in something you say you love
  • Hoping that the digital download or DVD you just bought is going to magically transform the way you sound and play...
  • Even though you're stuck in a rut, you keep doing the same things you've always done.

Now, I'm all for being optimistic...

But, if what you've been doing isn't getting you where you want to go...

It Was Albert Einstein Who Said...

"The Definition of Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again, But Expecting Different Results"

I get why you're stuck...

Unable to figure out what you should be practicing or learning...

With no guidance or plan to follow...

Not knowing the right chord, progression, or voicing to use...

Not sure what to play in your left-hand & having trouble making your notes flow...

You hear about others musicians learning to play by ear, but you struggle to hear what's going on within a song...

You've tried a few programs here and there but you quickly become overwhelmed with TOO much information... 

The thousands of hours of video instruction, the hundreds of tutorials, and truckloads of pdfs and downloads on other sites actually creates confusion, and the fear of never succeeding. 

... you start to feel like you've been dropped in a 15 foot swimming pool, and you CAN'T swim, you've got no life jacket, nothing to grab on to, and there's no life guard around to help pull you out. 

You finally realize that "less is more"

You'd like someone to eliminate the hard stuff, eliminate the overwhelm... someone to simplify things  

To help you FOCUS on your fastest path to becoming a well-rounded, accomplished, Gospel Keyboardist!

This is exactly why I launched my private Holy Lessons Membership.

I want to help you FOCUS that you can learn and grow your skills... so that you can master Contemporary Gospel Music and become the Gospel Keyboardist you desire to be... 

As quickly as possible!

Without making the mistakes and wasting all the time I did.

I've already spent years of being frustrated, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't, and I can help you avoid the confusion, setbacks, and overwhelm that are keeping you from reaching your goals...

You see... What you're missing most, whether you realize it or not, is...

An Organized, Structured System That You Can Follow 
Week-To-Week & Month-To-Month, For Recognizable Results!

You need...

  • An experienced Gospel Keyboardist with you week in and week out to guide you in right direction so you can avoid wasting precious time.
  • A mentor who can advise you on WHAT & WHEN to practice!
  • A seasoned Gospel Keyboardist & Organist with expertise in Hymns, Devotionals, and Congregational Songs, who can clearly AND thoroughly explain the chords and patterns within those type of songs. 
  • A library of step-by-step video lessons, covering Hymns to today's Contemporary Gospel Music, that are challenging but not too difficult for a beginner to intermediate musician to pickup 
  •  A structured system that can help you pivot away from distraction and towards making recognizable improvements in your playing and understanding of Gospel Music. 

What gives me the greatest sense of personal satisfaction is working with keyboardist who are motivated to reach their goals and dreams... 

  • The beginner who doesn't know where to start but, is eager to learn...
  • The intermediate keyboardist who's ready to break out of a years long rut...
  • Musicians with the absolute commitment and drive to do whatever it takes to reach the next level of their ability.
  • People who are tired of playing the same things, the same way...
  • The hard working musicians who spend hours upon hours trying to learn songs for weekly rehearsals and services
  • The Gospel Keyboardist who is ready to take the next step towards becoming a lead musician 
  •  Those who have been waiting for the right system and teacher who cares enough to consistently provide helpful support to take you to the next level... and beyond.

And That's What My Private Membership Is All About.

It's the ultimate community for beginner to intermediate Gospel Keyboardist!

A place where you're welcome, understood, and your current ability is respected as you press forward along this often misunderstood path of becoming a skillful Gospel Keyboardist. 

This is your chance to get my help removing the roadblocks that are keeping you from getting to the level you really want to be! 

To help you stay focused, on track, and productive so you can build up your knowledge and start to play complete sounding songs with the little time you have available.

To help you identity the areas you struggle the most and to guide you through my plan for growth!

...Even if you are a beginner and you're learning to play the piano for the first time!

And, the very best way for me to help you do all of that is through a member's only community where I can work with you and other Gospel Keyboardist just like you to help catapult you to the next level fast!

You get unlimited access to all the member's only video lessons, courses, and more.

In addition you'll have full access to the private musician forum, where you can ask me specific questions, and learn from the relevant conversations with other members, just like you!

In the multitude of counselors, there is safety (Proverbs 15:22)

The power of being a part of a a community of other Gospel Keyboardist with similar goals, working together helps EVERYBODY achieve their goals much faster than they could on their own.

Plus, you get my direct input on your challenges, questions, and problems...

So we can help you get back on your path to real growth! 

Are you ready to start learning how to master contemporary Gospel Songs & Hymns? Are you ready to make 2019 your year of musical breakthrough?

Check out these sneak previews of what to expect in the membership...

 And many, many more inside the membership...

Here's Exactly What You Get...

  • Training #1 - Full Access To My Entire Library of Song Tutorials ($47/mo Value) - Theses premium tutorials cover many of today's Contemporary Gospel Songs AND are unlike any others you'll find on YouTube or other Gospel Piano sites. How? At the beginning of each song tutorial I play along with the actual soundtrack so you can see how the song is played in it's true context! No more trying to figure out when and where to play certain chords or parts! After you watch me play along to the soundtrack, step-by-step you'll learn each part of the song including the intro, verse, chorus, and refrain. During the lesson, I always take time to review each section and give you an opportunity to practice before we move on. By the end of each tutorial, you'll be playing the entire song and ready for rehearsal or worship service right away! 
  • Training #2 - How To Play Hymns Like A Seasoned Pro ($45/mo Value) - Is playing hymns still a weakness in your skillset? Does it seem that only advanced keyboardist and organist know how play hymns fully and correctly? It's no question that learning to play hymns is one of best and most effective ways to quickly boost your playing! However, the chords, movements, and progressions remain a mystery to most beginner to intermediate Gospel Keyboardist. That's why I've brought in a seasoned, master Gospel Pianist & Organist to teach us all! Ezra Bufford is finally going to reveal the age-old secrets to playing hymns, by clearly and thoroughly teaching a new hymn every month! If you stick with it, there's no doubt your overall playing will skyrocket! 
  • Training #3  - Practice Schedule ($27/mo Value) - Benjamin Franklin once said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." That statement pretty much sums up why so many Gospel Keyboardist remain stuck and why many others never make it off the starting blocks! If you want to quickly grow your knowledge and skills you MUST have a PLAN! Based off your skill level, your custom lesson plan shows you exactly what tutorial you should watch each week... AND, never stress over what to practice again by following the weekly practice schedule.  
  • PLUS - Full Community Access & The Ability To Get Your Questions Answered ($30/mo Value) - The community forum is the place for you to engage with myself and other Gospel Keyboardist who are on a similar path! ...Share ideas, insights, chords, progressions, and offer and receive the support you need! 
  • PLUS - Chart-Topping Emergency Song Releases! ($35 Value) - Ever heard any of these Gospel Hits? "You Deserve It", "Your Great Name", "Made A Way", "Put A Praise On It", "Better", "Worth"??? All of those songs were INSTANT chart-topping hits upon their release! When those type of songs hit the airwaves, Praise & Worship Leaders and choir directors are eager to learn them ASAP. I'll create and release an emergency song tutorial anytime a MAJOR hit is released so that you stay ahead of curve and are able to play the complete song as early as the next rehearsal! 

Plus if you join by midnight, I'll throw in a MEGA BONUS!!:

BONUS --- Enrollment In The 12 Keys Challenge LIVE Course: "My flagship course that reveals the PROVEN SYSTEM to mastering Contemporary Songs in ALL 12 Keys ($997 VALUE) FREE!

(as long as you're on an active membership plan)

  • Learn a completely new song in every key so you can practice and apply what you learn in the context of a song. THAT'S 12 NEW SONGS!
  • An individual chapter and set of lessons for each individual key... that starts with the basics and progresses in difficulty as the lessons move along.
  • Why the Number System is the best approach to mastering all 12 keys and how to correctly apply it for unbelievable results, in every key

... and much much more!

Once you complete sign up you'll have INSTANT access to the BONUS course inside the membership.

With my ongoing personal attention answering your questions in the forum, instruction from Master Gospel Keyboardist & Organist Ezra Bufford, access to my flagship course The 12 Keys Challenge, plus the library of premium song tutorials...

I could easily charge over $67 per month...

If you were to hire a decent Gospel Musician to train you one-on-one, they'd charge you anywhere between $45-$75 per lesson! 

...And that's without the convenience you get from my private membership... where you can view lessons anytime, anywhere, and as many times as you like.

But I'm not in this to get rich, I want to help YOU FOCUS, SO THAT YOU CAN SUCCEED!

You see, I'm believing that God is going to supply all my needs!

At this point in my life I'm more about walking in purpose...

I'm most interested in sharing with others the gift I've been blessed with...

And I want to help 1,000 Gospel Keyboardist build their knowledge and skillset so that they can be an asset to their respective ministries and experience the joy of playing Gospel Music.

This means I need to make the membership available for everyone...

Plus I remember how difficult it was for my parents to afford my piano lessons.

When they had to be concerned about 7 other children...

When week-to-week, I wasn't for certain if I'd be able to attend.

Which is exactly why I'm not interested in charging $77 per month.

It would put the training you need out of reach!

Instead, you can access the private membership for just $47 per month... 

At this price... The Private Membership is as "no-brainer" as it gets because...

As long as you simply take action and follow through on what you're provided, you should...

Recognize a Substantial Difference In Your Playing Within The First 3 Months!

To get the maximum benefits, it would be best if you stayed in the Private Membership for at least 12 months...

But there are NO long-term commitments, and NO contracts.

You are in full control and you can cancel at any time...

Plus, cancellation is easy!

You don't even have to email me (but you can) because you can simply click the "my account" link inside the member's area and manage your subscription on your own...

How about a money-back guarantee? 

Of course!

I'm so confident you will be amazed at the value from the tutorials, from the forum, the trainings by Ezra Bufford, from access to me, and the practice plan, etc...

That I'll happily give you a 30-day money back guarantee on your first month.

Click here & try out the membership...

Give it 30 days to get through a full month of lessons, to start to grow your skills...

Start to build a strong foundation and fast-track your way to the next level.

And if you are not totally satisfied within the first 30 days, just let me know you'd like a refund and I'll process it, no questions asked!

No tricks...

No head games...

No hurdles to jump over or hoops to jump through.

And No hard feelings!

I don't like when businesses get creative with their cancellation process or refund policy so you have my word that if you want out, it will be painless.

You'll be in full control, the whole time!

And the results are REAL! Check out what Rhonda has to say about the membership...

Rhonda Mcclenton

I discovered Holy Lessons a couple of years ago on YouTube. I was impressed with the fact that it actually gave you the whole song. So I went to the site, and joined it.

The thing that makes Aaron Russell distinct is... you just sense an anointing on the song, like there's lots of people out there in that space. But his songs are anointed.

And what it does also is, as a worship person, a leader, or minstrel, it just makes you more creative. So do yourself a favor a check him out!

Rhonda Mcclenton

Gospel Musican & Church Elder

Very Important!

If you don't have at least an hour or two, 3 times a week to put in the WORK required to get better...

The Private Membership is NOT for you.

If you are looking for a "magic solution" that will transform your playing in a few hours without little to no effort.

Or, you're looking to learn "Super-Advanced" Chords and flashy praise breaks, this is DEFINITELY not for you.

If you are just a curios person who likes to dibble and dabble in this piano program and the next, but don't plan on TAKING ACTION, you need to pass on this one.


The Private Membership is for "Action Takers" only...

An Action Taker understands you gotta invest your time and energy if you want to see improvements.

Those who are determined NOT to let another year go by just messing around!

Whether you're a beginner, at an intermediate level, or even an advanced keyboardist who just wants some review...

I'm more than happy to welcome anyone who is committed to doing whatever it takes, has a bit of time available, and can afford the monthly investment, to join in... 

This is the closet thing to having a "shortcut to the top". 

Membership Is Strictly Limited

You already know the private membership is for motivated, "do whatever it takes" keyboardist committed to growing their skills...

And theses motivated types are anxious and excited to hit the ground running when they join...

I get it, I'm that way too. When I'm motivated to get things done... I'm all in! 

But bringing in new members creates a flood of new questions, and more work for me...

So the timing has to be perfect for me to open the membership program...

When I've got enough time and energy to dedicate to answering your questions and offering support.

Which is why I only open the membership periodically throughout the year for new enrollment. 

And each time I open enrollment there are a limited number of Private Membership spaces available to fill...

So, the doors are rarely open for more than a few days at a time...

The rest of the time, there is just a waiting list instead of a checkout page.

If you click the Get Started Today button and only see a sign-up sheet for a waiting list...

That means the doors for enrollment are currently closed.

Fill out your information because that's how you get on the early notification list next time the membership opens.

Here's What You Need To Do Immediately To Get Your      Risk-Free Access To The Private Membership...

Click the 'Get Started Today!' button below now and if you see the order form, that means that today's your chance to get in!

Complete the order form immediately and you will gain instant access to the member's area, the tutorial library and the next upcoming lessons!

But the doors may close at any minute... So, complete your order NOW!

If you procrastinate, start second-guessing and don't complete the order before the doors close, I'm not able to 're-open' them for you...

After you complete your checkout, you'll be sent an email with all your login information and access info, so you can jump right in the mix of things...

And then you're on your way...

Don't forget to introduce yourself in the community forum. 

That's it. You're on the fast-track to master Contemporary Gospel Songs & Hymns!

Instead of being confused and trying to figure out things all on your own.

I want you to see yourself getting better.

Imagine being able to listen to the soundtrack of the newest Gospel hit and in minutes of sitting down at your keyboard, you're able to play most of what you hear.

Imagine being able to FINALLY play those mysterious chords found in hymns that only the advanced musicians seem to know! 

Imagine having the ability to play chords and progressions in unfamiliar keys like D, A, and F.

Imagine the look on your family and friends' faces when they hear you playing the newest song on the radio... a few weeks after it was released!

Imagine the pride you'll feel when you turn doubters and haters into your biggest fans.

If you want to stop imagining and start to reach your goals... and you recognize the value of an experienced lead keyboardist who's "been through the fire" guiding you...

Helping you to FOCUS and avoid overwhelm...

I invite you to become a member, today.

And I'm standing by, now... Looking forward to helping you make 2019 your YEAR OF MUSICAL BREAKTHROUGH!

Aaron Russell

Want to know what others have said about my tutorials and lessons?

Read what others have said, below...

Ready To Make 2019 Your Year Of Musical Breakthrough?

Ready To Make 2019 Your Year Of Musical Breakthrough?

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Ready To Make 2019 Your Year Of Musical Breakthrough?

Get Instant Access to the Holy Lessons Member's Area! 

Simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us...


Recurring payment - cancel anytime in just 2 clicks



  • New Bi-Weekly Video Lesson
  • Hymn of the Month
  • 12 Keys Challenge Course Exclusive Access
  • Private Musician Community Forum 
  • 1 Free 30 minute One-On-One lesson

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee


BEST VALUE: Save $97 when you join on an annual subscription!



  • New Bi-Weekly Video Lesson
  • Hymn of the Month
  • 12 Keys Challenge Course Exclusive Access
  •  Private Musician Community Forum
  • ​1 Free 30 minute One-On-One lesson

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee

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